Divorce law is different in every state, and the rules differ among the counties within each state. This Oklahoma divorce guide can help you better understand the laws that apply to divorce in Oklahoma, and your legal options. However, this guide IS NOT INTENDED AS LEGAL ADVICE. You should only accept legal advice from a licensed Oklahoma attorney who will understands the circumstances of your divorce case. For the most up-to-date information on divorce laws in Oklahoma and how they apply to your divorce case, schedule a consultation with a qualified Oklahoma family law or divorce attorney.


If you are considering divorce in Oklahoma, an experienced family law attorney like Carrie Luelling can help you. No matter how complicated your case may be or how difficult your situation may seem, Carrie is experienced, compassionate and dedicated. She knows how to protect your interests and help you through the divorce process. Carrie will explain your rights and options within the realms of Oklahoma law so you can make the best choices for you and your family.


Representing Yourself: Getting Divorced Without a Lawyer in Oklahoma

Your children, home, real estate, business interests and assets are all at stake in a divorce in Oklahoma. Therefore, proceeding without an attorney involves a significant risk. The primary reason is that once final court orders are entered in your divorce case in Oklahoma, the orders are often very difficult — if not impossible — to change. These orders can impact your home, your finances, your relationship with your children and other areas of your life for a very long time. Only a competent Oklahoma family law attorney is qualified to inform you of the rights, interests, risks and opportunities associated with your divorce case. You are not required to hire an attorney to get divorced in Oklahoma, yet in almost every case, it is the smartest thing to do.


Why You Need Legal Advice and Representation

In a marriage, you have both legal rights and legal obligations to your spouse. The same is true in a divorce. When getting divorced, you have rights that protect your relationship with your children and your access to money and assets. You have obligations to the health, education and well-being of your children, to the welfare of your spouse, and to your creditors. There are ever-changing laws in Oklahoma that address each of these rights and obligations. It is a lawyer’s job to understand the current law. Unless you have no assets, no debts and no children, you should obtain the advice of an experienced Oklahoma divorce attorney to protect your interests now and in the long-term.


Choosing an Oklahoma Divorce Attorney: How to Find an Excellent Lawyer Right for Your Case

When you search for an attorney to represent you in your Oklahoma divorce case, you should review the attorney’s credentials and speak with the attorney directly, either in a phone consultation or a face-to-face meeting. Choosing your divorce attorney is a critical decision; you should be deliberate and thoughtful in selecting the attorney who will represent you. Evaluate each attorney based on the following considerations to see if he/she is qualified for your case:

  • Is the attorney a family law attorney in Oklahoma? Check their license with the Oklahoma State Bar.
  • Does the family law attorney have experience with Oklahoma divorce cases similar to yours? For instance, if you have children, is the attorney knowledgeable about custody and child support law in Oklahoma? If you own a business in Oklahoma or another state, does the attorney have experience with business law and the valuation of business interests?
  • What resources can the attorney access? Does the attorney’s law office in Oklahoma include paralegals and support staff? Does the attorney use modern technology?
  • Does the attorney have established relationships with experts in related fields such as mediation, taxes, financial planning, parenting investigation, bankruptcy and real estate in Oklahoma?
  • Has the Oklahoma State Bar Association ever disciplined the attorney? You can perform a search on any attorney licensed in Oklahoma and view their disciplinary history on the Oklahoma State Bar’s website.
  • Does the attorney have a clear and understandable communication style? When explaining a law or legal issue to you, does the attorney make sure you understand before moving on?
  • Does the family law attorney look, speak and act in a professional, intelligent and courteous manner?
  • Does the attorney express a strategy to resolve your family law case and meet your goals?
  • Does the attorney explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various options available to you?
  • Is the attorney ready and able to go to court hearings or a trial on your behalf when necessary? Does the attorney have litigation, mediation and trial experience in Oklahoma?
  • Can the attorney give you a schedule for the likely resolution of your divorce case?
  • Do you work well with the attorney? Do you feel comfortable and confident in the attorney’s abilities?
  • Does the attorney clearly explain fees and the likely costs associated with your divorce?

In divorce cases, which are often emotional and stressful, you should seek a Family Law Attorney who is professional and who demonstrates a sincere empathy for you and your family.

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