Schedule an introductory appointment with the Oklahoma divorce attorney and bring the information you have gathered so far. Include a list of your questions and a short (one-page) summary of your situation:

  • Your name and spouse’s name.
  • Your ages.
  • How long you have been married.
  • If you have ever been separated from your spouse, and if there are separation or prenuptial agreements.
  • Your profession and income, and your spouse’s (if one of you doesn’t work, list when he or she last worked and his/her income at that time).
  • If there are children or stepchildren, their ages and whether you or your spouse are pregnant.
  • Whether you or your spouse are engaged in extramarital affairs, especially if you have children. (This is irrelevant as to whether you can get divorced, but may affect how a court allocates custody or parenting time)
  • Whether either of you are active duty military or an active reservist.
  • Any history of domestic violence.
  • Police reports, reports or investigations from Department of Human Services.


The divorce attorney will discuss his or her experience with cases like yours in Oklahoma. She or he will discuss problematic and simple areas of your case, advise you about the general process of divorce, and suggest first steps that will help you best achieve your goals. The attorney may provide a rough estimate for how long your divorce will take, how much it will cost, and how to begin working together. During and after your consultation, take notes on how you liked the divorce attorney and whether you understand the advice the attorney gave you.

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