You are not alone. We understand what you are going through. You are here because you’ve done research and need a great lawyer to help you through this event.

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Contact us when you are ready, and we can start addressing issues and put a game plan together to move in a positive direction.

Our goals are to resolve your problem as efficiently as possible.  The approach is to foster agreement between the parties.  Then paperwork can be drafted, filed and you can move forward with your new life.  If this is not possible, then rest assured that you have a lawyer on your side that has the skills to fight for you against other attorneys and convey your needs to judges in a court of law.
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The process may seem complicated and overwhelming.  We can demystify it for you in a quick phone consult or face to face meeting.  Also, check out the content on our website. The “Guide to Divorce” is a good place to start.

After an initial consult you will have a feeling of more control of where your life is going.  Unlike some firms that just listen to your story, we offer a comprehensive meeting with Carrie that provides legal advice based on your situation.

This is where things get better, and we’re here to help.

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