Family ties are important and provide a sense of belonging and permanence. Adoption can provide legal parents for those that don’t have a sense of family.

Adult adoptions are a way to formalize an existing parent/child relationship. The process can also be used for inheritance purposes. An adoptive parent can more easily leave property or financial assets to the adopted individual. Adult adoptions are also common for former foster children who are being adopted by their long-time foster parents.

Any adult person (someone 18 years of age or older) can be adopted by any other adult person. The court requires all parties and the spouse of the adoptive parent to consent.

Adult adoptions require less paperwork and court appearances than adoptions of minor children. It is necessary to file a petition for adoption in the county where the adoptive parents reside. The Court will have a hearing to determine if the adoption is in the best interest of all individuals involved. Once the Court is satisfied, a Decree of Adoption entered by the Court (usually at the same hearing).

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